RIB Security – Part 1

You only have to look at www.stolenboats.org to see that more and more boats, trailers, equipment, electronics and personal items are stolen each year. At the time of writing, over 250 RIBs were listed on the site as being stolen. What can you do to make sure that your RIB is secure?

Common Sense Precautions

You would be surprised at how often, when wandering around the fuel or holding pontoon, you will find a RIB that has pulled up for fuel, a comfort break or to pick up passengers just sitting there unattended with the keys in the console or, worse yet, the RIB’s engine idling away. Or even if the keys aren’t present you might see a handheld VHF radio or a pair of expensive binoculars just lying on the RIB console or a brand new set of Musto oilskins on the jockey seats ready to be pinched. When leaving your RIB, remove all valuable items from display and take the keys with you!

What else can you do to make sure that your boat stays in your possession? Read on for tips on RIB security.

Mark It

Permanently mark or engrave your RIB, your trailer, all your equipment, electronics and personal items which you use regularly on your RIB with your vessels hull identification number (HIN) and your name. Your boat of course, unless manufactured prior to 1972, will already have a HIN on the transom. Permanently mark your name or contact details in a location that is not readily accessible or noticeable. The same should apply to the trailer. Perhaps mark your boat’s HIN and your name on the underside of the tongue or axle. As for your equipment, electronics and other items, use some method of permanently marking them as well. Be sure to keep a copy of your boat and trailer information at home in a safe place. It is also a good idea to take a hull rubbing of your HIN. Take a sheet of thin paper and tape it over your HIN number on the transom. Using a soft leaded pencil, rub back and forth across the number lightly until in shows up on the piece of paper.

Record It

Make a complete inventory of your RIB, trailer and equipment. List all electronic gear, binoculars, outboard motors, safety equipment, fishing equipment etc. by brand, model, and serial numbers if available. Also record your boat by make, model, registration and HIN number. Keep this list at home and keep a copy for reference in a hidden place on your RIB in case you find something missing.

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