JBT RIBs for sale, most northerly RIB in the world!

Two weeks ago our Norweigen dealers for the Ballistic RIB came to us with news of what we believe is probably our most northerly RIB Yet.

Somewhere up in the most norther parts of Norway is a company Valhall. Valhall is an adventure centre located on the island Krottoy just outside Harstad in Northern Norway.

From what we understand they use one of our Ballistic RIBs for boat trips in and around the Islands if you click the links you will be able to see this amazing place.

Here is a picture of our Ballistic RIB flying along with snow capped mountains in the background.

This place is famous for its views of the Northern lights and midnight sunshine at the right time of year.

Northern Lights, or aurora borealis as it is called in Latin, is most commonly observed in the winter season and best viewed from 70 degrees North. The phenomenon is caused by electrically charged particles (electrons and protons) emitted from the sun. When these particles reach the Earth, they are caught by the Earth’s magnetic field and directed towards the magnetic poles. In the upper layers of the atmosphere the particles collide with atoms and molecules, and the energy released is emitted as visible light.

The intensity of the Northern Lights varies with sunspot activity in a cycle of 11 years. Northern Lights have been observed at an altitude as low as 90 km above the ground, and as high as 1000 km. The Northern Lights are especially intense when there is high solar wind activity, causing huge amounts of particles to be ejected from the upper atmosphere of the Sun. When these particles reach the Earth within 20 to 40 hours, the result is a spectacular light show on the night sky.

Valhall is an adventure centre located on the island Krottoy just outside Harstad in Northern Norway (see map). We offer a wide range of experiences and activities in the world’s northernmost archipelago, and accommodation in a newly renovated building that used to be part of a coastal military fort.

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