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Ribeye Rigid Inflatable Boats


Ribeye is a leading UK family leisure rigid inflatable boat brand. With a reputation for reliability and comfort as well as a capacity for power, Ribeye is the Ford Focus of the sea.

Ribeye History

Ribeye is a relatively new rigid inflatable boat brand, launched in 1998 by entrepreneur Charles Chivers and his business partner, RIB designer and naval architect Peter Kidd. Ribeye RIBs are family leisure boats.

Ribeye 785 S Series

Ribeye 785 S Series

The first Ribeye rigid inflatable boats were manufactured in Dartmouth, Devon, where the company's headquarters remain, but after 18 months, production was moved to Cape Town, South Africa. Production of Ribeye RIBs is due to be expanded to India over the next couple of years.

In 2001, Chivers purchased the Ribtec RIB company (comprising a mixture of commercial and leisure RIBs), which is operated alongside the Ribeye rigid inflatable boat portfolio.

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Ribeye in the Water

Ribeye rigid inflatable boats are exclusively leisure boats and are not designed for commercial use. Ribeye RIBs are aimed at both families and people who enjoy some full throttle fun and, as a result, are popular first-time rigid inflatable boats.

Ribeyes are popular family leisure RIBs and are used to enjoy watersports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing as well as swimming, snorkelling and beach-hopping. For the more adventurous, larger Ribeye rigid inflatable boats are more than capable of cross-channel trips.

Ribeye RIBs are also known as high performance boats, with the Sports Series models packing some considerable punch when it comes to speed and handling. All of the main series Ribeye RIBs boast strong rough water handling capabilities.

Ribeye Design

Ribeye rigid inflatable boats are good quality, attractive looking craft, as befits their leisure market orientation. These boats are designed with recreation in mind and space, comfort and storage are some of their key characteristics.

The larger Ribeye RIBs feature a deep V-shaped performance hull, the design of which helps give the boats strong sea-keeping ability, cushioning the impact of the waves and providing users with a dry and comfortable ride.

Another key design feature of the core series Ribeye rigid inflatable boats is a unique planing wedge, a flat surface in the hull that enables the boat to gain speed more quickly on the water at the same time as giving it greater stability.

New Ribeye rigid inflatable boats come with a two-year guarantee on the hull and workmanship and a five-year guarantee on the Hypalon tubing.

Ribeye Range

The most popular Ribeye RIBs are those boats in the 5m to 8m range, with Ribeye claiming to be the market leader in the 6m and 6.5m RIB size bracket. The Ribeye rigid inflatable boat range is sizeable and comprises boats in five series.

The Tender series consists of four models: the Ribeye 290 (2.9m), the Ribeye 330 (3.3m), the Ribeye 400 (4m) and the Ribeye 450 (4.5m). Moving up in size, the larger A Series, which is promoted as an all-round family boat, contains the Ribeye 500 (5m), the Ribeye 550 (5.5m) and the Ribeye 600 (6m), while the Ribeye 660 (6.6m) and the Ribeye 785 (7.85m) belong to the high performance, sporty S Series.

Ribeye A Series 600

Ribeye A Series 600

Ribeye has a Mediterranean Series, whose main characteristics are a spacious layout and large sunbathing platform. Boats in this series are the Ribeye 650 (6.5m), Ribeye 750 (7.5m) and the Ribeye 1050 (10.5m).

The Ribeye range also includes the Ribeye Grand Tourer, a sports cruiser which is capable of accommodating people on overnight trips. The Cabin RIB-type models include the Ribeye 950 Grand Tourer (9.5m), the Ribeye 1050 Grand Tourer (10.5m), the Ribeye 1150 Grand Tourer (11.5m) and the Ribeye 1250 Grand Tourer (12.5m).

On the new product front, a range of superyacht support rigid inflatable boats is being developed under the Ribeye brand. The new Ribeye 930 S Series (9.3m), to be launched in 2008, is targeting the top end of the RIB market and features a shower, a toilet and a front seat inside the console as well as deluxe wraparound seating, two large sun beds and a table.

Accessories on the Ribeye 930 S Series include electric winch, teak decking and custom hand-made LED stainless steel deck lights. The boat is available with twin 250hp Yamaha engines or one 350hp engine; with the former, it will hit over 75 knots.

Ribeye RIB Engines

The majority of Ribeye RIBs are powered by outboard engines but there are inboard models on the market, including the Ribeye 785S (S Series).

New Ribeye RIBs are exclusively fitted with Yamaha engines and this type of engine is very common on second-hand boats. Yamaha engines that can be used with the S Series boats include the F250 (250hp), F225 (225hp), F200 (200hp) and F150 (150hp), while with the A Series, the following are recommended: F115 (115hp), F100 (100hp), F80 (80hp) and F60 (60hp).

Second-hand Ribeye RIBs can also be found with other models, including Mariner and Mercury engines.

Ribeye Ribs on YouTube

There is some excellent video footage of Ribeye rigid inflatables in action on YouTube. Here are just a couple...

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